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APT – Ely - AAT Access Level 1

If you are unemployed and live in or around Ely then Anglia Professional Training will help you to get back on the career ladder; providing our clients with the chance to be introduced to finance, free of charge. Our free, level 1 access course will teach you the basic skills and terms to do with accounting plus, alongside this our APT tutors will improve your literacy and numeracy skills which will benefit you in getting future employment. If you urgently need to get back into work then our friendly, reliable professionals will assist the unemployed population in Ely with learning the basic knowledge needed to start a worthwhile career within finance. With free entry and free education do not miss your opportunity to earn a worthy qualification - which will look great on your CV and helps advance you onto our level 2 courses where you can further your skills on finance. Our course will be starting in January 2018 and our certified, friendly team of professionals are waiting to get you a permanent job, which you will enjoy.

APT – Ely – Foundation Certificate in Accounting Level 2

Starting in January 2018, Anglia Professional Training will be providing a level 2 accounting course in Ely for the people who have passed our level 1 access course. This course will expand your knowledge on accounting terms and improve your finance knowledge, which allows you to learn how to work effectively in an accountancy career. If you’re looking to get back into work and achieve a permanent, well-paid career; by completing this course it will provide you with the necessary qualifications that will help you progress onto higher level courses – leading to a finance career. APT offer certified, friendly tutors, which will effectively help you along the road to qualifying for the AAT Foundation Certificate – gaining this achievement will give you more recognition on your CV and with applying for trainee vacancies. You wont find a more reliable company than APT to help you pave the way to success – for a reasonable fee, you will be further achieving your dream to get a job in finance.

APT – Ely - AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting Level 3

Anglia Professional Training offers the level 3 accounting diploma for people who have achieved level 2, foundation certificate. This course will be starting in Ely in January 2018 and will provide students who have specialist knowledge with the opportunity to progress into employment in finance or accounting. Intermediate students who are looking to improve on their skills can also apply for this course, as it will help you to achieve more advanced job titles after passing. Revision kits and weekly classes will be included alongside reliable teachers; who will help you prepare for the end achievement. APT has a professional, dependable team of tutors prepared to teach you all you need to be able to pass this course and achieve the advanced diploma - which will guarantee you entry into level 4 courses or a genuine career in finance or accounting. If you’re eager to educate yourself even more in a finance career then apply for this well-respected qualification before January.

APT – Ely – AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting Level 4

Anglia Professional Training has a professional diploma available, which is on offer to the people who have completed the advanced diploma. Our course will start in January 2018 in Ely – APT will be providing the applicants with a reliable, friendly team of tutors, which will provide the best education programme to help prepare the students for this qualification. This diploma is suitable for people who are already working in finance and want to improve their skills – or people who want to become a full AAT member. For a reasonable fee, you will be provided with the best, professional teachers, revision kits and weekly classes; which will all benefit you with achieving this highly respected qualification. With passing this diploma you will be introduced to advanced finance jobs including payroll management and commercial analyst. With such a highly recognised qualification this will make you appear valuable to businesses and public sectors globally – guaranteeing you a good chance in getting the finance or accounting job you’re after.