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CILEx Law and Practice Level 3 Diploma

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CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice

A broad based, practical introduction to Law and Legal Practice and a follow on from the Level 3 Certificate

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APT CILEx Law and Practice Level 3 Diploma: About the course

If you’re looking to further your knowledge on legal services then Anglia Professional Training are the team for you. Our certified professional tutors all focus on a student’s success, we provide exceptional guidance and advice throughout the duration of your course all so we can help you achieve this diploma. Having the Law and Practice Level 3 Diploma on your CV looks excellent to companies in the private and public sector, such advanced legalised careers can be achieved by qualifying in such a diploma – its all down to your input to if you achieve such a rewarding qualification.

For a small fee you can start this course with us in the New Year at our Peterborough base and further your existing knowledge of law and practice. Legal services are an exciting and powerful subject to progress into, you can achieve such great benefits whilst pursuing a career you will find challenging and enjoyable. Whether you’re unemployed or looking for a new profession that you will really love, APT will provide with the path to get you there.

Contact our team if you would love to secure a place on the Law and Practice Level 3 Diploma course. Our flexibility will allow us to schedule your course time around a time that is beneficial for you. After all, our aim as a company is to further the knowledge of our students and help them achieve a worthwhile career in the long run knowing that we have provided an exceptional education scheme. Find out more about the CILEx Level 3 Diploma in Law and Practice by contacting us directly, we deem ourselves as more of a friend wanting the best for you, so you can expect nothing less than great service from our professionals at APT in the Peterborough academy.