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Another year has raced by again, and in every industry, there will be new challenges that await throughout 2020. A new decade means new ups and downs that businesses will face, and it’ll be managers that will need to adapt. As we work to enhace managerial skills, we want to provide an insight into the biggest challenges executives can expect to face.

Some challenges that await managers in 2020:

1. Staying innovative

Whether you’re a new manager or have been one for many years, today businesses are frightened to take risks due to the current economic state. However, innovation is what will keep your business relevant in 2020.

Changes such as learning to create flexible working environments and encourage the idea management are small yet significant details managers should consider to progress their business and keep innovative.

2. Automation of jobs

Around 3% of jobs globally will be affected by automation, but in the next ten years, this percentage could rise tremendously. Since automation will be standing in for your workforce by the 2030s, will you want to embrace this change or would you prefer keeping the human touch even if that meant falling behind?

But it’s important to know that automation and people can work collaboratively if managed correctly. However, by simply improving your managerial skills in team management and strategic planning, you can stand out above the competition by utilising the human touch effectively.

3. Adapting to unpredicted changes

With industries changing all the time, managers who haven’t learned to build resilience could see themselves falling behind. It’s always important to be prepared for all situations, and with many undetermined challenges coming into play for managers this year, emotional resilience is key.

4. The impact of political changes

Brexit has already had a ‘panic’ effect on everyone, business and individual. However for managers, it’s their job to direct everything and everyone the right way. As political changes start to influence the way we work, managers will need to learn how to accommodate a diversity of thought. By understanding how to manage yourself under pressure and during change, you can effectively manage your business seamlessly.

5. New metrics for success

There’s a growing belief that there is a need for new metrics for corporate performance and that these should include companies’ performance against their core purpose. For managers to excel in the modern day and age, they need to persevere and adapt to new ways to gather insights into their performance and learn how they can improve productivity.

There may be many new challenges to come for managers.

These are 5 of the many different situations managers could find themselves facing throughout 2020. But these challenges don’t have to be daunting, instead there are several ways that you can prepare for the unexpected.

Being a manager is a big responsibility in itself, with the fact you have to be responsible for your team, the business and everything inside and out. However, at APT, we are here to help you manage these issues and relieve the stress.

We work with New Behaviours to deliver Leadership Master Classes and Business Excellence Programmes, helping you enhance your skills with handling the biggest of challenges in your career.

Fully equip yourself with cognitive, emotional and practical skills that will help future managers like yourself to become effective and inspirational leaders.