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APT – Wisbech – AAT Access Level 1

Here at Anglia Professional Training we are excited to offer unemployed people in the Wisbech area the chance to begin a career in finance. If you’re finding it hard to get back into work or are just eager to get started in a lasting job then APT offer an AAT Access level 1 course for accountancy, which is free of charge.

Anglia Professional Training will teach you basic accountant skills and will help you improve on your English and maths; with such assistance, we can help you move onto a more advanced course. If you live in Wisbech and want to urgently get into work again– passing our level 1 AAT Access course will look great on your CV and will allow you to get onto the employment ladder. With free entry and free education, do not miss the chance to get yourself into a good career, as accountancy will provide you with many future options.

APT – Wisbech – AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting Level 2

In Wisbech, our team here at Anglia Professional Training will be starting our level 2 AAT Foundation Certificate around January for people who have completed the level 1 AAT Access course. This accounting course will cover how to work well in finance and will add to your basic knowledge of accounting. For a small fee you will be earning a qualification, which will offer you the chance to go further in your career, providing you with formal recognition of the skills you’ve learnt. APT will provide you with the best, certified tutors and revision kits to ensure that you succeed in achieving this qualification so you can gain access to level 3 courses – which will guarantee more advanced financial careers.

APT – Wisbech – AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting Level 3

Anglia Professional Training offers the unemployed population in Wisbech a course, which will progress them into employment within finance or for further study for accountancy. This diploma is only achievable by people who have passed the level 2-foundation course and have the necessary accounting skills, which will enable them to move onto advanced studies and boost career potential. APT offer the best, certified tutors to help you learn accounting and find yourself a suitable career to which you would like to pursue. Such careers, which come with completion of, this qualification includes; accounts assistant, indirect tax manager and many other intermediate opportunities.

APT – Wisbech – AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting Level 4

If you live in Wisbech and are determined to get into a career in finance then Anglia Professional Training has a level 4 qualifications, which will guarantee you to find an advanced job in accountancy. This course is available to individuals who have completed the level 3 diploma and are ready to further their education or want to begin official employment in the finance industry. Whatever path you’re looking to follow, APT will offer you friendly, certified experts, which will help guide you effectively through training. Our level 4 courses will be starting around January